"We just want to tell you that you have a first class operation.  We have traveled many times, stayed in may nice and expensive facilities and this has got to be the nicest, clean, comfortable and very pretty places we have been.  You have installed top quality in your rooms and our stay was great.  Thank you for thinking of your people and customers.  Keep this place going...IT IS GREAT!!!"


“Dear Dan and Joan:  You two are so special.  Thank you so very much for all you did to make us feel so loved and welcome.  Rainbow Courts is a wonderful place for many reasons but to me it is wonderful because of you...Thank you again.”


“Joan, Dan and Gina and other Staff...Had a wonderful time staying nearly a week ago in the garden Room.  I have shown pictures a lot to my friends and co-workers.  Joan, I am glad you are friends with my cousin Annette!  Miss Edna and all the sweet cats and dogs.  I forgot to leave a tip in our room for the lady that cleaned it so well.  Can I envelope some cash for her?”