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Milam County Historical Museum

Central Texas Attractions

Looking for attractions in Central Texas to check out during your stay? You can learn more about the area by sampling its history during a trip to the Milam County Historical Museum, located in the nearby town of Cameron. It takes less than a half-hour by car to reach this historical site from the motel!

The Museum is housed in a restored jail which was first built in 1895—various jail features including cells and a guard tower are still evident, while from the outside the building resembles a red brick fortress. The building is almost as well known as the exhibits it displays, as ghost sightings and experiences have been reported by visitors.

However, the Museum itself is focused upon pioneer life: original farm and ranch equipment and household furnishings are exhibited—in their time they were ordinary provisions for a frugal existence on the new frontier, while today they give a special glimpse into what that time and lifestyle must have been like.

The Historical Museum Annex, located just down the street from the main jail building, also holds other historical artifacts discovered from the time when Native Americans inhabited the area, along with other weapons and cowboy gear.

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